The professionals at Roberts Consulting Services include pharmacists and attorneys who have worked in the fields of pharmacy and regulatory auditing for many years as State Inspectors, Pharmacists, contracted auditors, and/or outside counsel for the pharmaceutical industry.

We offer the following Consulting Services on a per diem basis at reasonable rates:

 Medical – Legal Services include:

– Medical Record reviews, requests and organization

– Expert Witness procurement and interviews

– Medical literature searches and reviews

– Drafting expert affidavits


Third Party Auditing Services Include:   

– Mock State Pharmacy Inspections

– Mock State Inspections of Drug Wholesale Distributors/3PLs

– Applications assistance for entities permitted by the Department  of Health and DPBR

– Consultation for entities seeking VAWD licensure

– Training for Certified Designated Representatives


If you do not see a service listed, call to discuss how we can help you.Roberts Consulting Services is not a law firm and does not provide legal services or legal advice.


Sharon Roberts initially trained as a Pharmacist and received her Doctorate in Pharmacy in 1992 from Southeastern University. Upon completion, Dr. Roberts elected to complete a year long residency program at the Miami Veterans Administration Medical Center. As a pharmacy resident Dr. Roberts had the opportunity to work closely with Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) and provided aid during the disaster and recovery program post Hurricane Andrew, a category 5 storm that devastated the Southern Florida peninsula. Upon completion of her Residency Program, Dr. Roberts was recruited to become the Patient Care Coordinator of Pharmacy Service for the Ryder Trauma Center at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center in Miami, FL. The Ryder Trauma Center opened in 1992 as the only Level 1 adult and pediatric trauma center in Miami Florida. The Center remains as one of the highest level trauma centers in the country.

After several years in this role, she realized she excelled and enjoyed the regulatory aspect of the job. Thus, wanting to further her career and explore her strength within the regulatory realm, Sharon Roberts attended law school at Nova Southeastern University. She received her Juris Doctorate in 1998 and was then heavily recruited into the world of insurance defense/product liability law. Among the many high- profile cases Ms. Roberts handled, perhaps one of her most notable career marks was her work on the litigation for the obesity drugs, fen-phen, which was a dangerous drug that proved to be life threatening in many cases. As an attorney, Sharon Roberts filed lawsuits against drug manufacturers, pharmacies and prescribing physicians.

After several years of working as a practicing lawyer, she decided to combine her experience as a pharmacist and attorney and open her own private consulting service, Roberts Consulting Services, a litigation support group, which enables her to provide litigation and auditing assistance to all businesses that needed such support.

Roberts Consulting Services

Due to her unique dual-degree and background, Dr. Roberts is the ideal consultant for a wide variety of clients. She currently services law firms (plaintiff and defense), pharmacies and pharmacy chains, drug and cosmetic manufactures, drug wholesalers and third party logistics providers.

In conjunction with her robust career in consulting, Sharon Roberts is a Certified Designated Representative (CDR), which allows her to work at a local drug manufacturer where she manages their prescription drug wholesale warehouse. Dr. Roberts also helps train other qualified persons to become Certified Designated Representatives.

Sharon Roberts helps lawyers with her Litigation Support Group that provides law firms with assistance reviewing medical records for cases, interviewing/intake for clients, and collection and organization of medical records for cases including medical chronologies and expert acquisitions. Dr. Roberts helps attorneys build their case using her extensive background.

Dr. Roberts also helps clients by offering third party auditing services. This service includes auditing drug wholesale warehouses, drug manufactures and third party logistics providers to assure they meet minimum requirements required by State and Federal Regulations. In addition, pharmacy chains, independent pharmacies and drug re-packers benefit from this service as well.

Sharon Roberts also assists with unique support and expert guidance for developing compounding pharmacies in Florida, which manufacture special variations of prescription medicine. Dr. Roberts can provide expert support and consultation to develop everything that is needed to open a compounding pharmacy.

Sharon Roberts is a Florida licensed Pharmacist and Attorney. This website is intended only to be an informational biography and not a solicitation for legal services. This web domain is not a law firm.